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By taking our survey you help us determine where we should install our fiber first. Once the survey phase is complete for your area we can begin planning and building the fiber network for your neighborhood.

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Getting Fiber is a Team Effort

We need pre-committed customers to assist in bringing our network into your neighborhood. The best way to get faster service is to become a Champion and spread the word among your neighbors.

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Benefits of Fiber-optics

Fiber-optics is the fastest and most reliable technology for delivering high-speed internet service to homes and businesses.

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We are Eastern Shore Communications...

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that began providing fixed wireless and VoIP telephone services on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in 2011. Our mission is to deliver fast, reliable and affordable high-speed internet service to residents and small businesses. Since 2011 we have grown to cover the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia from Annapolis down to Elizabeth City, NC.

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Why Camden County, NC?

The Camden County Board of Commissioners long knew the lack of reliable, high-speed internet access was an issue for Camden County residents, students, and businesses. In order to ensure positive growth in the area the Board of Commissioners selected Eastern Shore Communications to conduct a broadband study in 2017. The study concluded that most of the County did not have access to broadband internet. Based on these results ESC was able to successfully apply for a $1.8 million USDA Community Connect grant to build a hybrid wireless and wired network throughout Camden County.

What is a USDA Community Connect Grant?