Enjoy the Internet you Deserve in Four Easy Steps:

Let us explain how it works!

Phase 1 will begin at the intersection of Shipyard Rd. and Bell Farm Estates.
Following connecting Bell Farm Estates and the surrounding residents we will continue south along Hwy 343 towards the County Courthouse then along Rt. 158 towards the County Library.

Step 1, Gather Interest: Take our customer survey to show your interest in high-speed Internet. Tell your neighbors to do the same! Once enough interest is generated then your area will advance to the next step.

Step 2, Sign up: You’re getting closer to a faster and more reliable connection! Sign up for the available fiber broadband service in your area. Once enough people in your area have signed up then we can begin construction to you bring you fiber!

Step 3, Construction: Congratulations! Thanks to everyone's interest and commitment for a better internet connection we can officially begin our build-out to deploy fiber into your area.

Step 4, Connected: WooHoo! You and your neighbors are now connected to the internet you deserve. Enjoy all the benefits of fiber!