Experience the Benefits of Fiber

Fiber-optics is THE fastest and most reliable technology in the world for delivering high-speed internet service to homes and businesses.

Fiber allows you to seamlessly experience web browsing, HD video streaming, and online gaming, without worrying about your connection slowing down.

Work from home hassle-free. With a fiber connection there are no more long waits to upload or send large files and video conferencing is seamless.

E-mail, chat, stream, game, you name it. All forms of online entertainment are possible at lightening fast speed!

So, what are Fiber Optics and why is it so much better?:
• Fiber optics are long, thin fibers created from glass that are hair-thin in diameter. Fiber optics use light signals instead of electrical signals to transmit data. This means they are less susceptible to temperature changes, bad
weather, or moisture.
• Fiber is a green sustainable technology. Fiber cables are very sturdy and engineered to withstand challenging conditions. Plus it is THE fastest method of delivering high-speed internet access to businesses and residences.
• Fiber to the Home (FTTH) refers to fiber optic cable connections for individual residences. Such optics-based systems can deliver several types of services such as telephone, video, data, etc. more efficiently than traditional
copper coaxial cable.
• When it comes to bandwidth, no currently available technology is better than fiber. Fiber optic cables provide more bandwidth to carry more data than copper cables of the same diameter. Plus, fiber's performance isn't limited
by the cable itself, but rather by the electronic components that make up the system.
• Data is more secure because fiber cables do not emit signals. Because the signal traveling through a fiber cable is contained inside the individual fiber strand, it must be accessed from the end of the cable by cutting into it. In
most cases, this would take the network down, and everyone would quickly become aware of the issue.